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Diagnostic Market Research

The Diaceutics Market Research team specializes in conducting diagnostic primary market research. Our offering is unique and fully integrated into our other commercialization, strategy and implementation services.

Here are 4 key reasons why Diaceutics market research is unmatched by any other agency:

Focused on diagnostic and CDx-enabled primary market research, we have developed extensive expertise in the best methodologies and approaches to conducting effective and targeted diagnostic market research, asking the right questions, of the right respondents, at the right time.
Global Laboratory Networks
Leveraging our extensive laboratory database and contacts for research and supported by our Global Lab Relations team, we can reach out to targeted laboratory respondents, with a focus on pathologists, lab experts and precision medicine thought leaders, who are often unavailable for market research studies. Our Global Lab Relations team focuses their time and effort developing and fostering relationships with key lab experts in over 20 countries, allowing us access to the respondents that will be best suited to provide actionable insights for our customers.
Scientific Expertise
We bring technical, laboratory and diagnostic expertise to our market research to ensure high level, scientific conversations can be undertaken with relevant targets. All our research projects are supported by a team of experts from the lab environment, ensuring that research materials are always accurate and meaningful to the audience.
Integrated Approach
Flexible and tailored to your needs, Diaceutics’ primary market research, secondary research and laboratory data landscapes are totally integrated to address your business needs. The Market Research team works closely with other Diaceutics teams, to uncover the most insightful and integrated information, delivering a true 360° view. Never will your diagnostic market research insights be derived from a better, more fully integrated analysis.

Diagnostic Payers Research

Payers play a significant role in the pathway to diagnostic test access and reimbursement, and their insights into diagnostic test evaluation are key to optimizing adoption and removing access barriers.

Diagnostic Clinical Landscape

Clinicians are the gatekeepers for testing, managing key elements of the diagnostic journey, as they are often the advocates for their patients, recommending and supporting new tests, to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes. It is vital to understand their role and perspectives when it comes to optimizing the commercialization of a diagnostic test.

Integrated Mapping Research

One of Diaceutics’ most valuable services, our market research projects can be fully integrated into a comprehensive lab landscape, providing enhanced insights and a “story” to support the numbers uncovered through our rigorous landscape analyses.

Buying Process Research

Having the right equipment in the right laboratory is key to effective diagnostic integration. Technology is evolving rapidly, and capital equipment can be a real burden to some labs. Understanding the buying process of individual labs and the country specific nuances are key to ensuring the right equipment is available to support seamless testing.

Testers/Non-Testers Research

Understanding physicians’ behavior when it comes to diagnostic testing is vital to optimizing the patient journey. Much can be learned from Diaceutics’ tester/non-tester differential research to help optimize physicians’ adoption of a specific test. These learnings help support diagnostic message development, medical science liaison tactics and overall brand strategy.

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