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Diagnostic Tracking and Patient – Prescriber Insights

Real-time monitoring of diagnostic performance in key laboratories

Granular patient and prescriber insights can increase the precision & actionability for understanding the market opportunity, launch uptake and the “where and how?” to add value. In addition, Diaceutics can help clients define performance metrics, track KPI’s and provide ongoing decision support.

Lab Tracking

Just as prescriptions, market access, and patient utilization are being closely monitored, tracking test availability, utilization, and volume uptake are key indicators of performance. Lab Tracking supports our customers by:

  • Monitoring the diffusion of a specific test or technology into the laboratory marketplace
  • Assessing the impact on test availability in critical markets
  • Tracking identified KPI’s in a timely, go-forward basis
  • Allows for strategic and tactical course-correction as warranted

Patient Insights

Longitudinal patient-level insights provide a granular view into testing patterns and test utilization. Our data assets offer a patient-centric view of the Patient Testing Journey including: patient demographics, testing history, which test(s) were utilized and in which order, testing patterns by condition, geographic nuances, average turn-around time by test, and changes in utilization over time.

Physician Segmentation

We assist clients in understanding the physician – laboratory relationship, specifically insights into their testing behaviors by linking target physicians to preference laboratories for pre-launch segmentation and post-launch adjustments and effort allocation. Insights include:

  • What are the most popular labs ranked by prescriber usage?
  • What labs are being used by which prescribers?
  • Is there a lab offering a superior testing service that the prescriber could use?

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