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Labs interested in NTRK IHC proficiency testing will be at the front row of Quality on DXRX

14 February, 2021

Diaceutics recently launched DXRX, the world’s first diagnostic network for precision medicine. This digital platform facilitates dynamic, real-time collaborations that enable the accurate delivery of personalized therapeutics. This marketplace presents an ideal opportunity for stakeholders in precision medicine, who wish to accelerate the implementation of quality testing required, to deliver on companion diagnostic dependent innovative care, that benefits an increasing number of patients, in a speed never before possible for precision medicine stakeholders.    

A perfect example of a collaboration on DXRX, is the partnership between Diaceutics and the Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance (CPQA)1. Through this partnership, CPQA is looking to support their global implementation of a pan-TRK program, which will produce best-in-class Neurotrophic Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase IHC proficiency testing.

DXRX provides CPQA with the opportunity of engagement with an extensive network of labs at the global level, while CPQA provides the labs with validation assistance and proficiency testing in NTRK IHC. This dynamic, interactive process on the platform, significantly reduces the time previously required for labs to enter such a program.

In this way, labs have now the opportunity to be at the front row of quality on DXRX while being able to access sponsored programs and collaborations.

The CPQA pan-TRK EQA program is free of charge and it is on the platform’s marketplace live until March 26, 2021. Registration may close once 20 labs have been enrolled.

Register here on DXRX to learn more about collaboration opportunities.


1. Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance leverages Diaceutics’ DXRX platform to advance NTRK IHC proficiency testing - Diaceutics

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