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PD-L1 Testing Review | EU & US

The rapid expansion observed in PD-L1/PD-1 precision medicine in the last few years has resulted in confusion regarding how optimal PD-L1 testing should be performed. Join this opportunity to collaborate in unravelling barriers in current day PD-L1 testing and optimize future testing

Collaboration enabled by Histocyte Laboratories

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CDx Tracker Q3 2020 | US

The precision medicine field is rapidly evolving with new CDx partnerships and approvals being announced monthly. The CDx tracker collates all this information into one comprehensive report that provides updates regarding CDx approval

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PD-L1 Reimbursement Investigation | US

PD-L1 precision medicine has rapidly expanded in the last few years however, insufficient reimbursement has resulted in laboratories being unable to justify the associated costs for providing this service

Join the collaboration and help establish a more equitable level of reimbursement for PD-L1 companion diagnostic testing, which could support laboratories’ ability to perform the proper testing aligned to national recommendations and therapy labels and result in improved patient outcomes 

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NTRK - Lab Benchmarking | Netherlands

In recent years, pan-tumor NTRK gene fusions have emerged as targets for cancer therapy however, these gene fusions can have multiple fusion partners thus making accurate detection difficult

Work with your local peers who are performing NTRK testing and have chosen to participate in this collaboration and a Diaceutics team to design a benchmark report that will provide insight as to the status of National NTRK testing

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EMQN CIC Oncopanel EQA program | Global

Developments in NGS are revolutionizing biomarker detection in oncology, however only a slow transition towards the use of comprehensive genomic assessment has been observed, even when labs are equipped with these NGS platforms

This program is being offered for labs using high throughput technologies (e.g., NGS, MassArray etc) to help accurately validate assay sensitivity and specificity

Collaboration enabled by EMQN

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NEQAS ICC and ISH Mismatch Repair (MMR) Proteins EQA program | UK & EU

Germline mutations in DNA MMR proteins are one of the molecular fingerprints of Lynch syndrome; somatic mutations in these proteins are also associated neoplastic conditions such as colorectal cancer and endometrial cancers. As more cancers are linked to these proteins, their importance as precision medicine biomarkers continues to grow

Learn more about this collaboration and how to receive sponsorship towards participation in this international EQA module in 2021

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Commercial Assay Finder | Global

As the list of precision medicine therapies increases, so does the number of biomarkers which require an associated test. Commercial assays for these biomarkers are in continuous development, however, there is no central location to which a lab can refer for a list of available commercial assays

Join the collaboration and receive access to a beta version database of commercial assays that highlight biomarkers covered, detection capabilities and regulatory status

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CPQA PD-L1 EQA/PT Program | Canada & US

A range of PD-L1/PD-1 precision medicine therapies exist alongside several commercially available assays and standalone antibodies. As a result, recommendations regarding scoring algorithms and clinical cut-offs can vary depending on the assay-indication combination and may result in the incorrect test being performed and the patient receiving a result that is incorrectly matched to the therapy being considered

Lean more about how to participation in this international EQA module in 2021 and gain confidence from an external body that PD-L1 testing is being performed consistently and to a high standard

"The era of a therapy being launched with a single companion diagnostic option is behind us. We need to consider the global needs of our patients and the regional restrictions commonly faced.

This calls for pharma to think beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to testing and embrace the democratization of testing."

Karina Hjort, Senior Director, Diaceutics

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