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Patient access to innovations in Precision Medicine accelerated by an evidence-based strategy to launch

26 March, 2021

Diaceutics ease to deliver on client delight has been described in an earlier publication1. This level of confidence comes from years of experience in Precision Medicine, having been involved at some stage of every Precision Medicine brought to market to date. Building this level of expertise has certainly not come overnight, however, it has been rewarded with the trust of the 36 world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Understanding what stands between a patient and the tests required to enable optimal treatment decisions is at the core of our expertise and our purpose. Our 130 field-based experts share a profound commitment with each and every one of our pharmaceutical clients to help them deliver their innovations to each patient who will benefit from them, as quick as possible once these precision therapeutics are allowed into the market.

The story behind building the optimal strategy for these highly anticipated innovations knows several chapters, but only one ideal start; when the strategy to the companion diagnostic is developed early on, in parallel to the development story of the very therapeutic it will enable. Because it is only then, that once the development story ends and saving lives begins in the real world, it begins by reaching most patients it is meant help, at once. Unfortunately, this is not what happens today, as in the case of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), where still more than half the patients miss out on innovations meant to improve their outcomes2.

The optimal launch strategy has two core elements, Diaceutics deep data and unrivaled insights on this data. Diaceutics has indeed the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data on one secure platform, DXRX-The Diagnostic Network®, and it offers three key components:

  • Broader coverage: Access to larger patient cohorts via the largest laboratory data set in the US today, with a supply of 6 from the top 10 reference labs in the US.
  • Deeper analysis: Expert data labeling and standardization of every diagnostic event enabling deeper insights earlier in the diagnostic journey.
  • Higher frequency: Data feed of up to 35 million patient level testing events available weekly.

DXRX-The Diagnostic Network® enables access to 365+ million de-identified patient records in 53 countries. This means that by engaging with Diaceutics, pharmaceutical companies are at the one stop for their global strategy to launch each of their precision therapeutics in the pipeline and on the market.

 This level of depth of coverage3 

alongside an expert team who are smart with these data, enable the evidence-based strategy to launch, which will accelerate access to innovations in Precision Medicine by patients who benefit from them.

 If your therapeutic is on the market and still not reaching all the patients it is meant to benefit or you are preparing to launch a therapeutic, tell us about your project!


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At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

Diaceutics has worked on every precision medicine brought to market and provides services to 36 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have built the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500 labs in 51 countries.

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