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Shift to Collaborative Mindset Required to Optimize the Patient Diagnostic Pathway in Precision Medicine

17 November, 2020

Precision Medicine has opened up new opportunities for improved health outcomes among patients, particularly in oncology. However, the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem, which should be launching patients in a timely manner toward appropriate Precision Medicine treatment plans, continues to impede the progress of many patients. The time has come to eradicate these hurdles through organized stakeholder collaboration that democratizes and optimizes the patient diagnostic pathway. This will require a shift away from the siloed stakeholder mindset and toward a collaborative willingness to reset operations within the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem to more accurately accommodate the best interests of patients. (Click here to download the Pharma Precision Medicine Readiness Report 2020: NSCLC—An Axis for Change to learn more about Diaceutics’ solution for the hurdles impeding patients’ progress along the diagnostic pathway.)

Over the past decade, Diaceutics has developed interventions right across patient testing journeys aimed at increasing the N of patients appropriately tested and reducing the pernicious hurdles denying patients access to the right treatments. Some of these interventions worked while others did not work or worked in unintended ways. The key learning from this phase of research and development is that effective diagnostic integration can only be achieved at a systems level when stakeholder collaboration is enabled.

We surmised in previous Pharma Precision Medicine Readiness Reports that the need to optimize patient testing journeys in non‒small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and all cancers would become more prominent in terms of treatment outcomes, health economics, and investment in this space. As this occurs, so, too, will the market incentives and organizational willingness appear to inspire that same radical alteration.

Diaceutics advocates enabling collaboration around a new systems-level approach aiming to reduce time to optimized testing from years (current average is 4.5 years1) to months—as well as democratize today’s economic imbalance and allow the diagnostic testing market to share more of the value being delivered to patients. Doing so will identify the unmet need for a digital solution accessible by all stakeholders that enables this new level of collaboration primarily between labs, pharma, and diagnostic companies at critical stages throughout the development and commercialization process of precision testing. Our experience reveals that such a global platform solution has the potential to unlock significantly superior value from Precision Medicine treatments by accelerating time to peak prescribing of treatments.

Diaceutics believes the time has arrived to invite all Precision Medicine pioneers and stakeholders to join us in ensuring no patients are denied access to the precision therapies designed to change their lives. Accordingly, we have purpose built a multi-sided platform, with collaboration at its core, to drive the essential “Network Effect” that brings stakeholders together at critical stages throughout a patient’s testing journey to diffuse hurdles that are today substantially hindering NSCLC outcomes. The global collaborative platform, called DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®, is the world’s first diagnostic network for Precision Medicine enabling every patient to get the treatment they deserve by:

  • Facilitating companion diagnostic (CDx) partnerships and collaborations in real time, enabling accelerated and reduced risk to drug regulatory approval;
  • Removing local and regional restrictions to test adoption through access to a global network of implementation partners;
  • Providing in-lab education, External Quality Assessment (EQA)/Proficiency Testing (PT) support, accelerated validation and verification, and training to prepare labs for biomarker tests coming to market;
  • Managing diagnostic quality and inter-lab variability increasing the cumulative number of patients testing positive; and
  • Enabling better decision-making by stakeholders by unlocking access to the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data from 2500+ labs in 51 countries.

DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® accommodates the much-needed shift to collaborative thinking among stakeholders within the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem, including pharma, payers, labs, patients, and others. The world’s first diagnostic network for Precision Medicine, DXRX is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics, from biomarker discovery to in-market test availability. The network enables a vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders in Precision Medicine come to find trusted partners for collaboration on Precision Medicine diagnostics in a secure, standardized way.

Diaceutics has launched DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® in collaboration with key stakeholders across the industry including labs, pharma, and diagnostic companies. DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® also has been unlocked to industry-leading partners in areas such as pathology training, health economics, reference standards, EQA, and digital enablement. Those organizations interested in collaborating on the Network should visit


  1. Diaceutics Data on File: Diaceutics’ proprietary Global Diagnostic Index (GDI) unpublished data, 2020.

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At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

Diaceutics has worked on every precision medicine brought to market and provides services to 36 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have built the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500 labs in 51 countries.

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