Welcome to DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® ("DXRX Platform")

DIACEUTICS PLC, a company registered in Northern Ireland under company number NI055207 whose registered office is at First Floor, Building Two, Dataworks at Kings Hall Health and Wellbeing Park, Belfast, BT9 6GW, is the entity that owns or operates the DXRX Platform. “Diaceutics”, “we”, “us”, or “our” as used in these End User Terms means Diaceutics PLC.

In these End User Terms, ‘DXRX Member’ refers to the registered user on the DXRX Platform. The primary enrolling business entity to which to you are associated with is a ‘DXRX Member’ and each of their authorized personnel an ‘End User’ or ‘you’.


DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® is a purpose-built SaaS platform providing access to Precision Medicine solutions and collaborations for multiple stakeholders in one digital, secure location.

The DXRX Services are designed to enable you to collaborate and network with Diaceutics and its group companies and other DXRX Members via the Project Zone where you can access and manage your activities and interactions with others.

Diaceutics is dedicated to facilitating an online B2B marketplace where you can avail of various DXRX Services, including but not limited to: 

  1. accessing reference materials, knowledge and market research insights from a collaborative global network of DXRX Members comprising people from laboratories, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and data science industries;
  2. creating your End User profile and DXRX Account;
  3. interacting with other DXRX Members;
  4. accessing Collaboration Opportunities for your business, including receiving, posting and responding to such opportunities in order to source project partners;
  5. listing, publishing and storing all applicable information including marketing and other collateral to help promote your Collaboration Opportunity;
  6. inviting your contacts and other interested parties to join the DXRX Platform;
  7. accessing and utilizing various proprietary, integrated data-enabled service tools; and,
  8. reaching out to the DXRX Technology Team for support, see our DXRX Support Policy.

End User Terms

  1. These End User Terms govern our relationship with you in relation to your use of, and access to, the DXRX Platform, DXRX Services and our business support services set out in our DXRX Support Policy. These End User Terms describe your rights and responsibilities as a registered End User and are effective as of the date you register on the DXRX Platform (‘Effective Date’). By accessing or using the DXRX Platform and DXRX Services, you acknowledge the DXRX Privacy Statement, DXRX Cookies Policy, DXRX Support Policy and DXRX Security Policy. You also agree to be bound by the Acceptable Use Policy. Please ensure you read these related terms.
  2. You are responsible for (and must have sufficient authority to take) all actions that are performed on or through your DXRX Account including all associated disclosures of and submissions of Your Content. If you have been added or invited to the DXRX Platform by a DXRX Member or where you elect to join voluntarily but in association with a DXRX Member, that DXRX Member will control your use of the DXRX Services, including but not limited to managing permissions, adding or removing you from the DXRX Platform.
  3. All Contribution Content must only be provided in an Anonymized form so that it does not permit the re-identification of the individuals, patients or household whose data constitutes the raw data from which the Contribution Content may be derived.
  4. Your Content may be retained, accessed, used, licensed, modified, shared, or removed in accordance with DXRX Terms (which govern the DXRX Member’s membership and that of its authorized End Users) and the DXRX Privacy Statement.
  5. Here are some defined terms you may find useful when reading these End User Terms.

Collaboration Opportunity(ies) refers to an opportunity within the Project Zone which is advertised by you (or by Diaceutics on your behalf), a DXRX Member (or by Diaceutics on its behalf), or by Diaceutics on its own behalf on the DXRX Platform.

Contribution Content means any Anonymized content, information, text, data, software, code, scripts, music, sound, photos, graphics, videos, messages, tags, interactive features, materials or other information that you post, upload, share, submit, or otherwise provide in any manner to or via the DXRX Platform, to Diaceutics, use with the DXRX Services and/or in relation to a Collaboration Opportunity (in any form, medium or technology now known or hereinafter developed).

DXRX Account refers to the online account accessible by way of a DXRX Login via the DXRX Platform.

DXRX Member refers to a registered user on the DXRX Platform who can avail of the DXRX Services.

DXRX Platform refers to Diaceutics’ proprietary software-as-a-service platform, DXRX – The Diagnostic Network®, from where the DXRX Services can be accessed by way of the DXRX Login.

DXRX Services refers to Diaceutics’ proprietary software-as-a-service solution, including the DXRX Platform, the Project Zone, any tools and services made available by us or our group companies, and any technical user documentation provided with the DXRX Services, provided to you or the DXRX Member via the DXRX Platform. DXRX Services do not include Third-Party Content. Third-Party Content as used here means any software (including machine images), hyperlinks, website links, data, text, audio, video or images made available to you by any other DXRX Members on the DXRX Platform or in conjunction with DXRX Services.

Membership Data means information about you or the DXRX Member that you provide to us in connection with the creation, administration and/or management of your DXRX Account, during any communications you may have with us regarding DXRX Services and/or Collaboration Opportunities (e.g. via chat forums, live chats). For example, Membership Data includes registration information, names, business and user profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, usernames, passwords, DXRX Account settings and preferences, and any billing information associated with your DXRX Account or DXRX Services.

Project Zone refers to the designated areas within the DXRX Platform where DXRX Members and/or End Users communicate and collaborate, for example with respect to Collaboration Opportunities.

Your Content refers to your Contribution Content, Membership Data and your communications with other DXRX Members and/or End Users facilitated via the Project Zone.