Test Standardization

Out-of-the-box control materials provided to labs to reduce the time, hassle and cost associated with the adoption of a biomarker test

Enabled by the DXRX Platform and a network of the industry's leading providers in global test standardization

Everything the lab requires to prepare earlier for a new biomarker test coming to market

Ensures standardized approach to testing regardless of test modality selected by lab

Reduces the lag time from drug launch to in-market availability of standardized testing

“Since 2005, Targos is vigorously pursuing a high level of international standardization for biomarker analysis. An important part of this has become the Targos Advance Expert Training program, which has been performed for more than 4,000 pathologists.

We are excited to join Diaceutics in its effort to realize the full potential of precision medicine through standardization and training.”

Gudrun Baenfer, Head of Advance Training & Consulting Division, Targos Molecular Pathology 

Enabled by a Network of Service Partners

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Laboratory Training

In-lab training and coaching services tailored to specific biomarker resting needs. Implemented by DXRX Network pathology experts in 51 countries globally

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Test Quality Assessment

Accredited EQA training and assessment for labs to maintain superior testing quality at critical stages throughout test development and commercialization. Enabled by industry leading EQA providers globally

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Test Report Optimization

In-lab implementation of best-in-class reporting of biomarker results to influence superior therapy decisions. Lorel ipsum

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