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DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®: The Collaborative Solution to the Broken Clinical Diagnostic Testing Ecosystem Is Here

24 November, 2020

Today Precision Medicine is a beacon of hope for patients and caregivers. However, the impracticalities and misalignments of the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem impede many patients from experiencing the full potential of the advances of Precision Medicine. The clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem in a sense places a straitjacket on the potential of Precision Medicine, its limiting effect demonstrated through every missed patient who fails to receive the precision test that could accurately identify that patient for a better treatment.

Now imagine an interactive, vibrant, real-time network platform that engages stakeholders along the patient disease pathway and not only improves patient treatment outcomes but also maximizes patient reach—rendering a win-win for both patients and stakeholders. Imagine enabling collaboration around this new systems-level approach in order to reduce patient diagnostic journeys (and the time to achieve 50% test adoption) from the current average of 4.5 years to a few months.1

Now merge this idealized platform with the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data and you will unlock the power of the world’s largest real-world testing repository. Doing so will establish the unmet need for an open diagnostic commercialization platform that optimizes biomarker diffusion across stakeholders, leading to new standards of diagnostic care for every patient. And it will fix the broken clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem by enabling more patients to get tested and placed on the right treatment.

Diaceutics has engineered this multisided Precision Medicine ideal into reality in the form of the world’s first diagnostic network for Precision Medicine called DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®. An interactive network platform, DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics, from biomarker discovery to in-market test availability. By connecting more than 227 million real-world patient records from 51 countries—the ever-increasing storehouse of data that is currently found in the Diaceutics’ Data Repository—to a collaborative platform, Diaceutics empowers stakeholders with a global solution to the broken clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem to help patients access better testing and, ultimately, better treatment. For example,

  • DXRX Data provides access to a pipeline of global diagnostic testing data on one secure platform, and
  • DXRX Marketplace enables a vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders in Precision Medicine come to find trusted partners and collaborations in a secure, standardized way.

DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® offers many benefits for multiple stakeholders, including:

  • Delivering pharmaceutical companies seamless diagnostic testing for Precision Medicines,
  • Placing labs at the center of a Precision Medicine Network, and
  • Enabling the diagnostic industry to extract more value from Precision Medicine.

Collaborating on DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® enables multiple stakeholders to work together to solve real-world testing challenges to help ensure every patient gets the treatment they deserve. Visit today to learn more about DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®.


  1. Diaceutics Data on File: Diaceutics’ proprietary Global Diagnostic Index (GDI) unpublished data, 2020.

About Diaceutics

At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

Diaceutics has worked on every precision medicine brought to market and provides services to 36 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have built the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500 labs in 51 countries.

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